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Dear secret mutant

(For those who are wondering : it's a letter written for the 2015 Secret Mutant Challenge, for the lovely Anon who will make me a gift for the holidays \o/)

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I saw the Ruling Class !!!

So... last saturday I saw The Ruling Class, in London, at Trafalgar Studio. At the same time than Hugh Jackman apparently 0_o

But I guess my brain was too focused on "someone" else to see him....And by someone I mean of course James McAvoy, but more on that later...

My friend must have thought me mad because I was so afraid we'd miss the beginning of the play that we ended arriving one hour early... Hum. Well at least it gave us time to take a drink before the play began :)


Warning : some little spoilers will follow – nothing dramatic, but don't read if you want to know nothing about the play when you see it.

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London calling !

This week-end in London was so awesome. And not only thanks to James McAvoy and the Ruling Class -- I'll make another post for this unbelievable experience -- but also simply because London is a city I love. And with only 2,5 h from the center of Paris to the center of London, it really feels next door. Yet those two capital cities are so different !


We knew we would be able to see less than one tenth of what we wanted to see - we ended seeing less that one hundredth... but we enjoyed every second of it. And isn't it what really matters ?

(warning : lots of pictures below the cut)
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Art process

(I had never used LJ before and now I feel like I'm spamming :).)

Just wanted to post a "making-of" of my last fanart - because I've been quite methodic for this one. I don't use the same process for all my drawings, I still have many things to try before I settle on one or two final methods.

(warning : the post is going to be quite picture-heavy after the cut)

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Dear secret mutant

First of all, I’d like to say you THANK YOU in advance, because I know, deep inside me, that what you’re going to create is gonna be AWESOME and that I’ll be in heaven when I’ll read/see it.

But still, I’d like to talk to you a bit about my likes and dislikes, if that’s okay with you ?

First, you should know that I’m, like, madly in love with Charles (don’t tell my hubby… well, he knows already). But the canon Charles, the one that’s dorky and BAMF and a leader, and a junkie, and a hippie, and always SO FULL OF FEELINGS, ya know ? Not the woobie you often find in fics, which is very good, just not for me.

Same goes for Erik. If he’s a bit of an asshole and a diva, but deeply human and tortured, it’s for the best.

Yes, you’ve guessed : I love Angst. And even if Erik and Charles are perfect for eachother and love eachother for eternity, for me there’s no possible happily ever after for them. Or only when, very old, they calm down a bit. But hot sex is still possible - and, I’ll confess, appreciated. Open ending are good too, tragedy is not a fatality.
I also love crackfics, or more generally parodies / humorous situations, so if you want to have a good laugh, I'll be glad to laugh with you.

About sex : I fear I’m not very kinky. I love sex scenes when they’re relevant for the story, when they come after a long unresolved sexual tension, when they’re full of feelings. But all dominant/dominated kind of relationship is a cold shower for me. No bdsm, no dubcon or noncon unless it’s written as a traumatic experience, no alpha/omega dynamics, no bodice rippers, etc...

I’m not a fan of Age difference, Mpreg, cross-dressing, kid fics either.

I think that’s all. I love canon stories and all the AUs you can imagine as long as the character caracterization is spot-on.

I hope you’ll find something inspiring among my prompts - but feel free to improvize something else if you think it will be better this way

Happy christmas, dear secret mutant. Can’t wait to read your prose or admire your art !

Camelot Land

Powerpuff Camelot Land - By Altie, for team Gwen

haha I never post here buuuut... Camelot Land may change this !

Camelot_Land is a Land Community based on the BBC’s Merlin tv series. The community itself is made up of six sub-communities: Camelot Land - the main community, Camelot Vaults - the archive community, team Arthur, team Gwen, team Merlin and team Morgana - the team communities.

To join a team, simply go to THIS post, and fill out the form. And please tell them that spaceAltie referred you!

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